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Board of Directors Elections

Dear NLYFA Families,

The conclusion of the 2014 Football and Cheer seasons is upon us and once again the NLYFA has had great success.  2014 saw a combined total of 58 football victories including 3 Superbowl finalists and 1 winner as well as 3 competitive cheer victories and another 2 runner up finishes.  Most importantly, however, the NLYFA was able to provide a safe, fun and fulfilling environment for our athletes and their families.

These successes are largely dependent upon our member families and their willingness to volunteer their time and energy into making the NLYFA one of the strongest and best leagues around.  As such, with the end of our season comes another opportunity to increase your involvement.  Board of Director Elections are held in December and the following positions are open:

Position Officer Term Nominees
Vice President Vacant 2016 Vince Valentine
Treasurer Vacant 2016 Joel Swidergal
Secretary Vacant 2015 Sean Barry
Football AD Vacant 2015 Mike Malito
Cheer AD Vacant 2016 Jill Fox
Knights Asst AD Vacant 2016 Tom Ellis
Warriors Asst AD Vacant 2015 Don Largen
Warriors Asst Cheer Vacant 2016 Tricia Kroschel, Kristin Hynek
Warriors Equipment Vacant 2016 Reed Steffek, Jim Willis
Knights Player Personnel Vacant 2015 Rob Mackowiak
Warriors Player Personnel Vacant 2016 Kevin McWilliams
Warriors Volunteer Vacant 2016 None
NLYFA Spirit Wear Vacant 2016 Marty Dykas
NLYFA Fund Raising Vacant 2016 Scott Gouty
NLYFA Registration Director Vacant 2016 Danny Hinchliffe

All of the positions on the board have a great deal of importance in keeping our league functioning and our successes achievable.  You need not be a coach or otherwise involved to get nominated for any of the vacancies listed above.  Simply contact a current board member or coach to express your interest.  

Once you are nominated, you will be asked to come to the December board meeting and be part of the process to elect our new board.

We thank all of our member families for their continued support and contribution and look forward to electing our new board to ensure our future success.


NLYFA Board of Directors


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